CAF Startup Station is the Venture Client unit of CAF.

Our Venture Client program enables the entire CAF Group to find, test and adopt top solutions from leading startups like yours.

CAF Group is a leading international company in the railway and bus industry, with over 100 years of experience in the supply of collective transport systems.

CAF is positioned at the forefront of technology for sustainable mobility solutions with high added value. To stay there, we need strong business partners. Top startups like yours can become one of these business partners through CAF Startup Station!


How does it work?

Our program is the first station for you on your journey into the railway and bus industry. It enables you to validate your solution, learn about the sustainable mobility industry and network with key decision makers.

Sell your product

Validate your solution

Grow your business

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We are looking for top startups with cutting-edge solutions ...

Process Efficiency ... that impact the efficiency and productivity of our corporate processes and systems.
Products ... for the future of transportation that help make everyday trips more convenient and sustainable for all.
Services ... for the future of transportation. Transport operators expect personalized, integrated and connected solutions that enrich and simplify their everyday tasks.
Industry 4.0 ... for challenges arising from operating and interconnecting our factories and maintenance depots worldwide.

Learn more about the areas in which we are seeking unique solutions from top startups.


Your next stop is CAF Startup Station. Why?
Because you win a global leader as your reference client.

Do real business

CAF becomes your real, paying customer. Because your startup has a top-notch solution that can provide a competitive advantage to CAF.

Move at high speed

CAF Startup Station fast-tracks the process to get your solution adopted. Because your startup product solves an urgent challenge we have identified.

Gain expertise

CAF business units implement your solution in a real use case. Because you deserve honest and valuable feedback from real users.

Retain your IP

CAF does not ask for exclusivity or IP-sharing, and there are no investment conditions attached. Because your solution is yours.

Win CAF as your Venture Client!

We want to partner with top startups like yours!
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