Our program is based on the Venture Client approach, which enables business relationships between startups and CAF: at scale, fast and lasting.

We at the CAF Startup Station support the purchasing process and help to validate startup solutions for all CAF business units.

Our partnership with your startup begins with the purchase of your solution. CAF buys your solution and pilots it in a real CAF use case, even if your solution is still a prototype. A manager from the CAF business unit who buys and uses your solution is the pilot project lead from the very beginning. Clients of your solution can be from any unit, such as Research and Development, IT, Manufacturing or Logistics. The CAF Startup Station team supports the project and helps you navigate within CAF. This is an excellent basis for a long-lasting partnership.



A solid business partnership is based on mutual understanding and open communication. You get to work with users of your solutions: CAF expert engineers and managers. The feedback from these early users helps you refine your solution. The CAF Startup Station team is at your side, so you always have a single point of contact for questions that your CAF internal client may not be able to answer. We help you understand CAF structures and processes. This added knowledge allows you to develop your business with us more efficiently.

We strive for a long-term partnership with you. To be able to expand your business beyond our initial pilot purchase, your solution must be scalable. With our network and resources, we can help you grow from just one pilot project to rolling out your solution globally. During the pilot project we support your preparations to scale your solution within CAF and beyond. Plus, you benefit from connecting with the right people, who are critical to your company's growth inside and outside CAF.


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